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“American Football, The Name Itself Suggests That It Is American Game Of Football. This Game Is Also Known As Gridiron Outside United State Of America And Called Football In US.” – American Football 2020

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american football - 2020
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This Popular Game Is Different From The Football Or Soccer Known As Association Football That We Play Across In The World. American Football Evolved From Another Famous Game Called Rugby Football.
The Countries Where The Games Are Played Widely Are North America, Europe And Japan.

History :

American Football 2020
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American Football Game Was Played For The Very First Time On 6th November, 1869 Between Princeton And Rutgers.

Brief: American Football

American Football Is A Unique And Different Game . This Game Is A Total Contact Game, Where You Have To Conquer Territories For Scoring Points.

The Two Team On The Field Has The Thought Of Defending Their Area And Invading Other Team’s Area.

The Teams Are In Competition Of Gaining Even An Inch Of Field.

Here To Conquer The Field Area You Have To Put The Ball Down The Pitches, Dug At Certain Distances.

To Reach The End Successfully You First Have To Put The Ball In The Pitch Either By Throwing Or Running The Ball.

Each Team Have 4 Chances Of Downs To Move The Ball 10 Yards In  Forward. Direction Once They Pass Through The 10 Yards Their Downs Gets Reset And They Need To Start For Again For Another 10 Yards. If 4 Downs Are Passed And They Have Failed To Make It Through The 10 Yards,  The Ball Will Be Passed Over To The Opponent  Team.

Details of team, equipments and field:

american football league teams
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The Two Teams With 11 Players  Each Side Play On A Rectangular Field. This Rectangular Field Is 110 M Long And 48.76 M Wide . The Field Has Goal Posts At Each End.

The Ball Used In This Game Is Oval In Shape.

The Time Span Of This Game Is 1 Hour(60 Min), Divided Into Two Halves.

Considering The Safety Of The Players , Each Have To Wear Football Helmet And Shoulder Pads.

american football league teams
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The Teams Are Mostly Divided Into Three Groups –

Attackers Consist Of Generally Younger, Smaller, Stronger, Faster Type Of Players, Including A Quarterback Who Is Said To Run The Attacking Plays And Throw The Ball To Their Teammates),

Defense (Larger, More Powerful Players Allotted To Stop Players From Running)

Special Team Players (Responsible For The Kicking Of The Game With A Mix Of Larger And Faster Players).

Scoring– American Football

American Football Positions n american football league teams
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When A Player Achieves A Touchdown, Six Points Are Awarded To The Respective Team.

A Touchdown Is Scored By Either Carrying The Ball Till The End Zone Or By Receiving The Ball From A Pass-

After A Touchdown Is Recorded By The Attacking Team They Get Opportunity To Kick The Ball To Have An Extra Point. The Ball Should Pass Between The Posts At The End For A Successful Kick And Score.

A Field Goal Can Be Scored From Anywhere On The Pitch At Any Time (Usually On The Final Down)- A Successful Kick  Results In Profit Of Three Points.

The Defensive Team Is Required To Tackle An Attacking Opponent In Their Own End Zone. If The Defensive Team Is Tackle , Then The Will Get Bonus Of 2 Points.

So, Now You Know The Rules Of Playing The Game. So You Enjoy This Game By Either Playing It On The Field Or By Watching It Played On The Field.

American professional Sessions:

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american football league teams
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Exhibition Season Also Known As Pre-Season Occurs In August. In This Exhibition Season, The Teams Prepare The For The Regular Session By Having Rigorous Training. All Teams Need To Play Atleast Four Games Before The Regular Season Starts, And The Games Matches The Game What Team Gets To The Post Season. So, Teams Do Not Use Their Best Players And Use The Games As More Practice.

Regular season– American Football

american football league teams
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The 32 NFL Teams Are Divided Into Two Conferences: The National Football Conference (NFC) And The American Football Conference (AFC).

Each Of Them Is Divided In Four Sectors: North, South, West And East. Each Sector Includes Four Teams.

This Season Lasts For Seventeen Weeks. Each Team Has To Play 16 Games And Will Get One Week Off. The Week Of Rest Is Called A “Bye Week”.

NFL playoffs-American Football

Stadium,nfl,football,buffalo,fans - 
american football league teams
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At The End Of Every Regular Season, The Winners Of Each Division, And The Next Two Best Teams In Each Conference And The Best 6 AFC Teams Play In A Tournament.

NFC’s Champion And AFC’s Champion Play The NFL’s Final Game, The Super Bowl.

The Event Is Often Treated As A National Holiday As Many Stores Close For The Event. The Day Of The Event Is Known As Super Bowl Sunday Nationwide.

So, Now You Know The Rules Of Playing The Game. So You Enjoy This Game By Either Playing It On The Field Or By Watching It Played On The Field.

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