SSC exam question paper and answer and more exams

bold the correct answer 1.2. Zollevrein started in 1834 in Prussia refers to a: (a) Trade Union (b) Customs Union (c) Labour Union (d) Farmer’s Union 2.Which treaty recognised Greece as an independent nation? (a) Treaty of Constantinople, 1832 (b) Treaty of Vienna, 1815 (c) Treaty of Versailles, 1871 (d) None of these Which of […]

American Football -championships wins 2020

“American Football, The Name Itself Suggests That It Is American Game Of Football. This Game Is Also Known As Gridiron Outside United State Of America And Called Football In US.” – American Football 2020 football lovers This Popular Game Is Different From The Football Or Soccer Known As Association Football That We Play Across In The […]