This is chapter 13 of class 10th science(NCERT)


This video contains a detailed explanation of the magnetic effects of electric current.

Ar first we try to prove that electric current induces magnetic field and how magnetic field is getting effected by electric current.

Later we have a detailed discussion of the properties of magnetic field and field lines.

Why two magnetic field lines can never intersect each other?

Then we discussed to gauge or find the direction of magnetic field based on right hand thumb rule.

If the current is in upward direction then magnetic field lines will be from left to right and if electric current is in downwards direction then magnetic field will be from right to left.

Magnetic fields can be pictorially represented by magnetic field lines, the properties of which are as follows:
1the field is tangent to the magnetic field line.
2 Field strength is proportional to the line density.
3 Field lines cannot cross.
4.Field lines are continuous loops.